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Accessible Virginia

"tells every kind of facility offered for persons who have special needs. a must if you are traveling or living in Virginia with someone who is disabled in any way. An excellent site, and easy to read and understand ...."

Real Travel Adventures: Books for Accessible Living

Disability Market Internet Usage

57% find and/or book accessible hotels on the Internet.

47% look for accessible activities, tours, and attractions at their destination.

No. 1 factor perceived as an obstacle to travel:

Inaccurate information on accessibility.

Source: Paving The Way To Accessible Tourism, 2010

80% of travelers use online research as an important planning tool for destinations and practical guidance.

72% of travelers want written descriptions of the  destination.

68% say activities to suit special interests are an important factor in deciding where to go.

Source: Frommer’s Unlimited April 2009 Survey


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We help you find the missing piece.

Without it, you can't reach the profitable disability market.


March 1, 2017


You just have to answer two questions.


How big of piece of the disability market do you want?

pie chart showing $918 million spent by the disability market in VA each year.

What are you willing to spend?


The 54 million Americans with disabilities are the third largest market segment, behind the Baby Boomers and the Mature Market, They are bigger than the coveted African American, Hispanic, Asian American, Generation X and Teen markets.

The key to accessing this profitable market is understanding the disability lifestyle. Even with the Americans with Disabilities Act, universal access is not a reality. This uncertainty makes them cautious travelers because it isn’t easy to be flexible or spontaneous in their travel. Their motto is “Know before we go.” Their basic question is “How is it accessible for me?” We provide an affordable way to put out the welcome mat to the disability market.

Accessible Virginia

Listing Levels

Basic                        $50 per year
Unlimited listing length on access information for one facility and direct link to your web site.

Expanded               $75 per year
Unlimited listing length on access information for one facility and direct link to your web site and a photo.

Deluxe                      $100 per year
Unlimited listing length on access information for one facilty and direct link to your web site, photo, and “Updates” link from regional page.

The Internet provides a way to reach more persons with disabilities with more information for less money.

Get listed now! It's as easy as 1,2,3.

  1. Request a survey form.
  2. Complete and return.
  3. Pay on line

We will send you the listing for your approval before posting on the site.

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Need more information?

Call Cheryl Duke at 804-633-6752 or contact by email.

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to the disability market?

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