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Why Do Persons With Disabilities Need Accessible Virginia?

We Need To Know Before We Go.

collage of disabilities  Living with a physical, sensory, or cognitive  disability means we don't have the freedom  to go where we want   when we want.  Planning any trip outside of the home,  whether it is for a few hours, a day outing,  an overnight   stay, or a weekend trip, is a  difficult and frustrating process because  there are few resources telling how  accessible an unfamiliar facility will be. Calling ahead to find out about accessibility doesn't mean we get accurate information.

 The result is that we limit where we go and the activities we do unless we know before we go exactly how a place  or activity is accessible for our specific and exact needs.

We Describe You Decide:

Our Innovative Approach


The Opening Door, Inc. through Accessible Virginia helps persons with visual, hearing, mobility or cognitive disabilities by promoting independence through detailed accessibility information. We help the disability community maintain everyday living activities and expand their horizons through recreational and cultural activities that enrich family life.

Accessible Virginia received 4,395,311 visitors spending 30 minutes or more per visit from Jan. 1 to December 31, 2019.

We are an important resource for Walter Reed and Bethesda Medical Centers plus regional Veterans Administration hospitals as our wounded service men and women, veterans and their families use our web site as a resource as part of the rehabilitation process.

Your Support Makes It All Possible

collage of disabilitiesWe rely on your donations to help us sustain our mission and future projects. This is a family project that has been helping persons with disabilities because we have disabilities ourselves and we know the need and importance of what accurate access information means to daily living.

For almost 25 years, the Opening Door, a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, and the Duke Family have been a voice in the disability community and a leading provider of outstanding accessibility information for individuals with disabilities.

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