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In Memory ofaileen coloradoAileen Colorado

Like our son, Paul, she had a type of Muscular Dystrophy, and she defied medical expectations. She was a tiny, fragile dynamo in a wheelchair who gained the admiration of all who met her. All of us who have been privileged to know her and be affected by her generous spirit will greatly miss Aileen.



"I am so grateful for providing this wonderful wesite. It is awesome! How can I thank you? Your site has removed a lot of the 'fear' of leaving the accessibility of home!"

M. J. Waung,             

West New York, NJ

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Access And Independence

Through Information

If you have a disability, leaving your home can be an adventure. What you will find on this award-winning site is everything you as a person with a disability, senior, family member friend or caregiver need to know so you can enjoy all the wonderful opportunities that Virginia has to offer. This website is the only one of its kind in the United States.

To take advantage of locations best suited to their needs, travelers can look to our site to answer questions such as, "Is my wheelchair too wide to get through the doorways?" or "Are captioned videos available?" or "Does this attraction offer audiotaped descriptions of the exhibits?"

The Duke Family (Bill, Cheryl, Paul, and Caitlin) know the difficulties of disability travel from experience. We're a family with three out of four of our members having disabilities and have dealt with access issues for over 40 years. We learned quickly that accessibility is in the eye of the beholder. Even with the Americans with Disabilities Act, universal access is not a reality. Almost 25 years ago we formed a nonprofit organization, the Opening Door, Inc., to provide detailed, objective cross-disability access information about Virginia businesses and facilities.

Accessible Virginia gives extraordinarily detailed descriptions of Virginia attractions, lodging, bed and breakfasts, restaurants, outdoor recreation and shopping facilities that meet the needs of travelers of varied abilities. This web site provides comprehensive information such as locations and measurements of doors, aisles, stairways and bathroom facilities, as well as listings of dialysis centers, equipment repair locations and even veterinarians for assistance animals.

Whether you want to experience life in the early days of America, to enjoy a stroll along the wheelchair-accessible boardwalk of the world's longest resort beach, to have Civil War history come alive in accessible museums and outdoor exhibits, to hike along paved paths where waterfowl and indigenous wildlife nest, or to touch replicas of historic artifacts, come to Virginia. You can do all of this and more!

We know you may also need guidance on other resources, for example equipment repair or rental, dialysis clinics and sources of oxygen. You will find a comprehensive section on this topic as well.

We don't receive any state funding, and this web site is maintained through your donations and the support of our corporate sponsors. So if this site is helpful to you, please support it with a modest donation so we can continue to open doors to persons with hearing, visual, mobility, and cognitive disabilities so everyone can enjoy Accessible Virginia.

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This site is done by people having physical or sensory disabilities for persons with disabilities. The listings on this site accepted the invitation to be part of Accessible Virginia. Data was obtained by on-site visits or accessibility questionnaires. On-site assessments were done by occupational, physical, or recreational therapists with persons with disabilities checking the assessments for accuracy.

All listings were accurate and verified at the time of uploading this site. The Opening Door, Inc. is not responsible for any changes occurring after June 1, 2015. Listings on this site does not imply any endorsement by The Opening Door, Inc., the Virginia Tourism Corporation, or the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Photos are courtesy of the Virginia Tourism Corporation unless otherwise noted.


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